Atlantic Canada
Immigration Program


Pilot program in Atlantic Canada.

 Canadian authorities are interested in attracting specialists to their country. Due to the continuous expansion of enterprises, there is a problem of labor shortages. This is a pilot project that has proven itself lately.

 Thanks to this immigration program, more than 3,000 people have received a residence permit with their families. 

 This project was created with the aim of attracting skilled workers with their families to the Atlantic provinces of Canada. 

It does not operate throughout Canada. Here is a list of the provinces that are included in this program:

  1. New Brunswick;
  2. Newfoundland and Labrador;
  3. Nova Scotia;
  4. Prince Edward Island

 Our company helps in the preparation and submission of documents, provides full support (social and physical) in our country. Write to us and we will help you. 

 Until 2019, only top managers and high-class specialists could apply for the move of their family. In 2019, there were some positive changes that made this program even more accessible.

 The objectives of the Canada Immigration Program. 

 As we have said, the labor market is constantly growing. There is a particular labor shortage in the Atlantic provinces and Canada is addressing this issue by attracting foreign specialists as workers. They also have the right to obtain a residence permit and citizenship.

 Since, Canada is considered one of the most stable countries. Here a good standard of living, free education and medicine and complete social security, a large number of people claim to move to the country.

 The main goal of this program is to convince new people who have come to work in the country so that they stay here to live. Provide them with such living and working conditions that Canada becomes their home. 

 Immigration from Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries to Canada in 2019 became even more attractive. Since this program provides for the application for the relocation of the family of not only highly qualified employees. From this year, such a statement can also be submitted by those who come to work as waiters, workers, and truckers. The conditions for moving to Canada are constantly improving. Immigrant family members can obtain open work permits in Canada.

 The pilot program in the Atlantic provinces of Canada has fairly low entry requirements for candidates. You do not need to be a top manager or leader to apply for moving to our country.

 This program is also designed for international students who, upon graduation, would like to stay in one of the 4 provinces.

 Requirements for applicants for moving to Canada from Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries

The requirements for applicants remain quite serious and this does not apply to higher education or perfect knowledge of languages. No. This applies to applicants for a residence permit. The fact is that Canada is the country with the lowest crime rate and it plans to remain so. That is why each person is checked very carefully for criminal records, work experience and solvency.

Here are the basic requirements for those who want to participate in the immigration program to Canada in 2019.

 Minimum experience in this specialty is 1 year or 1580 hours. Only the work for which you received a salary is taken into account. Volunteer activity or volunteer work is not taken into account. For students, work experience is not required.

 Education must match the level of Canadian, or obtained in Canada. For students, a prerequisite is the completion of one of the universities in 4 provinces.

 The program does not require exceptional knowledge of the English language, just score 4 points on the IELTS system.

 It also provides for a small amount of finance:

  • 1 person – 3.167 Canadian dollars;
  • 2 people (family) – 3,943 Canadian dollars;
  • 3 people – 4.847 Canadian dollars;
  • 4 people – 5.885 Canadian dollars.

 An invitation to work from an employer who is a member of this program. 

 Lack of criminal record. If there is one, then it must be repaid more than 10 years ago.

 If you have any questions about immigrating to Canada under the Atlantic program, write to us and we will answer all your questions.