Childbirth in Canada.

If you want to come to Canada as a tourist and decide to have your baby in Canada, it will not work in an easy way. This is a complicated issue and must be handled properly with extra cautions. We do not recommend this way to obtain any kind of visas to stay in Canada and Of course the immigration will be notified of any of these and would deny your visa to Canada at any instance.

17000 $


  • Consulting support before arrival;
  • Together with you we choose a hospital and a specialist (the package includes doctor’s payment and daily allowance for hospital stay);
  • Organization of customer delivery from the airport;
  • Pediatrician consultation;
  • Childbirth in a common double room;
  • During childbirth our translator is with you and 2 hours after delivery;
  • At any time, a driver is available to you for an emergency trip to childbirth;
  • Registration of the Canadian birth certificate;
  • Organization of transfer to the airport.
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20000 $


  • Consulting support before arrival;
  • Preparing a client for arrival in Canada;
  • Together with you we choose a hospital and a specialist (the package includes payment for a doctor and stay in hospitals during the day);
  • Organization of travel from the airport;
  • Assistance in renting a car and housing;
  • Assistance in paperwork;
  • Personal translator for personal purposes;
  • Full accompaniment to the obstetrician and translator;
  • Trips to the hospital;
  • Childbirth about the general double chamber;
  • Anesthesia;
  • The driver is on duty for an emergency trip to the hospital;
  • Within 2 days our translator works with you in the hospital.
  • Registration of the Canadian birth certificate;
  • Airport transfer.
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30000 $


  • Assistance and preparation of documents for obtaining a visa;
  • Preparation and consultation of the client before the trip;
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents;
  • Consulting support on all issues;
  • Transfer from airport;
  • Assistance in rental housing and car;
  • Paperwork;
  • Personal translator for 50 hours;
  • Trips to the obstetrician with translators;
  • Organization of a tour of the hospital and the selection of a doctor;
  • Delivery of products and baby items to the ward;
  • Delivery in a single superior room;
  • Car for an emergency trip to the hospital;
  • Anesthesia;
  • Assistance in obtaining Canadian citizenship, paperwork;
  • Airport transfer.
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  • - package is the package that does not require any control from your country. You come as if on vacation and have absolutely nothing to worry about. Absolutely all we take upon ourselves. The price for this package is calculated individually based on the preferences and wishes of the client.
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Additional services:

Attraction of a surgeon's assistant$700-800
Epidural anesthesia$1000
Cesarean section$2000-2500
Pediatrician services in a hospital$300-500
Pediatrician services in a pediatric clinic$40-70
Neonatologist services$4000-5000
Circumcision in a hospital $250
Additional trip to the hospita$450-550
Trip to the hospital$80-100
Consultation with an obstetrician gynecologist$250-500
Extra day at the hospital$4000-5000
Medical translator (hourly)$50
Babysitter for a child (hourly)$25
Rent a 2-room apartment fromот $2000
Car rental (per month) $800-1000
Phone from от $60

Additional services do not apply to VIP package.

Nevertheless, if you happened to be in Canada and give birth, you need the support in order to get through it and to obtain certain visas and services. Of course, we are here to help you in this issue as well.   For your convenience, we have created 4 packages of services that will ease your worries during this space of your life and would also help you to enjoy your new bundle of joy.