Immigration for a
specialist in sports and art


A program for athletes and artists.

 The Canadaimmigration to Canada Self-Employed Persons Program includes athletes and artists, as well as self-employed rural workers. You can see more details about the immigration of agricultural workers here. 

 This program provides for relocation for “self-employed persons” who will work for themselves without hiring other employees and their families. That is, as a private person, without any registered company or firm.

 The applicant for the Self-Employed Persons Programcommon- has the right to include in the application the members of his family: husband, wife,law partner and minor children, both his own and the marriage partner. Then, if the application is satisfied, all members of his family will receive immigrant visas automatically.

 Let’s see what the refugee protection law says on this subject:

– “Self-employed candidate is a foreign citizen who has relevant experience, has the intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and to make a significant contribution in the relevant field in Canada.”

 That is under this category includes professionals who really are interested in this country, those candidates who have worldwide recognition, high-class experts Canada.

 Here is a list of those professions that come under this program immigration to

  • pisate whether;
  • poets;
  • sculptors;
  • actors;
  • musicians;
  • singers;
  • composers;
  • arrangers;
  • sculptors;
  • photographers and cameramen;
  • cinema specialists;
  • creative designers;
  • decorators;
  • archivists;
  • curators of art projects;
  • editors;
  • journalists.

This is not a complete list of professions that have the right to move to our country. In more detail you can learn the information is write to us.

  How to fill in the application form for immigration to Canada from the CIS countries

  In order to pass the questionnaire you need to collect a sufficient number of documents that can convince the immigration officer that you are truly a high-class professional and will be useful to Canada as a permanent resident. 

 Much attention is also paid to the application form and the correct application. Canada-go provides assistance in the collection of documents, translation of originals and accompaniment in Canada.

 First of all, you need a business plan for your activities that you plan to deploy. Everything should be thought out to the smallest detail and be convincing. It can be a job as a trainer in Canada, and any application of the above professions. 

 There is one caveat, in order to properly apply for the applicant you need a person with experience. Who will know what immigration officers are paying close attention to. The difference in mentality between Canada and the CIS countries is huge and often this creates errors that lead to failure.

 Moving with this immigration program to Canada is not easy and you need to be as prepared as possible. 

 You are given a questionnaire in which you will need to score at least 35 points out of 100. Their number depends on several parameters.

  1. 5 years of experience in self-employed activities in the field of culture or art. (25 points)
  2. Higher education, which is quoted in Canada. (25 points)
  3. Age. (10 points) Preference is given to people from 22 to 50 years old.
  4. Knowledge of French and English (24 points).
  5. The ability to adapt. (10 points)

 This is a fairly simple stage, it has not changed for several decades.

 If you need help with immigrating to Canada, feel free to contact us.

Additional requirements for candidates for immigration to Canada

If you decide to implement an immigration program from the CIS countries to Canada, you need to know that there are 3 very important points. They apply to all immigration programs in Canada.

 Health. Immigration services must be sure that your health will not be a threat. To do this, you need to be screened at accredited clinics in Canada.

 There is no criminal record and no criminal record. Canada is famous for the lowest crime rate in the world and is severely monitoring this figure to remain so.

  Money and the ability to provide for themselves. You must have enough finance for the first time. Amounts change every year and when submitting documents you will know for sure.