Immigration for
agricultural workers


New immigration opportunities for farmers

 If you have work experience in agriculture, for you have a special provincial immig program ation in Canada. In 2019, the government of our country decided to provide residence to foreign workers. This applies to work in the agricultural sector and the meat processing industry in the provinces. 

 The fact is that indigenous people leave villages for cities. Only elderly people who do not have the necessary resources for work remain there. And the demand for environmentally friendly products remains highly sought after. 

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 Labor immigration to Canada is a good program that will provide you with not only a good income, but also life in a hospitable country with a developed social system. Requirements for applicants for immigration to Canada under the provincial program are not high. You can familiarize yourself with them below in the text.

  Thanks to the new 3-yearproject,Agri-Food Immigration Pilotimmigrate more than 5,000 people will be able to move to Canada toto Canada, this figure also includes their family members.

Requirements for Applicants for Labor Immigration to Canada

 Parliamentary Secretary of Canada’s Minister of Employment and Labor Development. Rodger Cuzner, said: – “Foreign workers who come and work honestly in our country should have the right to become a citizen of this country and receive all social benefits.” Canada is developing more and more every year, new houses and shops are being built.

 Thanks to international immigration, the Canadian population is replenished annually by 500,000 people. This is an average figure, it can vary by 5-10 percent, but immigration to this day remains the main source of population growth in the country. 

 For candidates for immigration to Canada on a pilot project:

  • 12 months of off-season work experience in Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, in the agricultural profession (processing meat products, growing mushrooms and crops, raising and caring for cattle);
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 for French and English;
  • education should be equal to the average Canadian or higher;
  • You must have an all-season job offer in Canada outside of Quebec, at or above wages.

 Canada’s immigration policy aims to expand the agricultural sector and increase the country’s population. 

Demand professions for immigration

 According to experts, pilot projects on labor immigration to Canada will only increase over time. The country needs specialists who are ready to invest in the development of the agro-industrial complex.

 The most popular are such professions:

  1. Specialist in cutting meat in retail.
  2. Specialist in cutting meat for production.
  3. Meat Processing Specialist.
  4. Employees of the food industry.
  5. Workers with experience in harvesting mushrooms and working in greenhouses with vegetables.
  6. Agricultural worker for livestock, mushroom picking and greenhouse crops.
  7. Integrated farm manager (animal husbandry, mushroom picking, work with greenhouses), year-round.

 If you can work on land, then immigrating to Canada through a provincial program is what you need. Write to us and we will contact you and tell you in detail what you need to submit documents and what kind of help you can get in our company.