Travel and Tourism in Canada


Canada is perhaps one of the best countries to travel all seasons because it has the nature beauty of all kinds. If you are thinking: “whether to visit Canada or not?” – the choice is obvious. Of course, it is worth a visit. Its seasonal beauty and the priceless experiences would always make the visits worthy. There are a lot of excursions that can be used in Canada, for example, you can visit the historical places of the indigenous inhabitants, as well as the places of European colonies, ancient cities and feel the weight of color compared to ultra-modern Canada.

Sights of Canada

  • Since we started from places of historical value – the valley of the St. Lawrence River, Quebec 

– this is the place where the first colonies from France appeared. This province is fundamentally different from other provinces of Canada. It was these colonists who laid the foundation for Quebec and Montreal.

Continuing our tour, we set off a little to the west and to Ontario, where the country’s most populated region is located, which include cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, the country’s capital and Niagara Falls, the most famous waterfall in the world which is also listed under the 7 wonders of this earth.

  • Ottawa – Parliament Hill is the very heart of the city. A true symbol of the rebirth of the nation. Parliament Hill is an architectural complex where the highest authorities of Canada sit.
  • Labrador Province is the place where the Vikings came in the 10th century AD. Here, in the provincial capital, the city of St. Johns, you can admire the bewitching nature, as this is the oldest and most eastern city in North America, you can only imagine what gorgeous sunsets in St. John’s.
  • Mont Royal is a mountain located in the city of Montreal. The mountain has three peaks, one of which reaches 233 meters. 150 years ago, a park was erected here, where the Mont Royal Cross was erected as a sign of gratitude to the Virgin Mary.
  • The CN Tower is a tower erected 45 years ago in the city of Toronto, of which it is a symbol. This is the tallest building in the western part of our planet. The tower has both architectural value and performs a certain function – it is a telecommunication tower, has an observation deck and even a restaurant.
  • Toronto Aquarium – The largest in Canada. A large number of both marine and freshwater fish are shown here. Locals call this place the “Indian Ocean.” This aquarium has the largest collection of jellyfish in the world, and of the oldest local “inhabitants” – lobsters over the age of 100 years.

These are just the examples of places where you can visit. There are many more historical places and symbols our there which you should be see in your own eyes and feel that breeze. 

Canadian government does make sure that no one misusing their tourism visa to get into the country and abuse the social system in Canada and therefore they have a strict system in place when it comes to tourism. We are here to help you in order to make sure that you are not rejected for invalid reasons and enjoy the time being in Canada. All you need to do is to contact us and we will guide you through and it is a piece of cake after all.