Why people choose Canada for immigration?


Today, a fairly large number of users of various forums and social networks in Russia and Ukraine are wondering where to leave the CIS countries to work or move permanently. Many people conduct discussions just for the sake of interest, and someone seriously thinks about moving over the hill in search of a better life.
If you select countries according to the standard of living and the possibility of moving, then in any case, Canada is at the top of the ranking. Why canada For more than 300 years, Canada has maintained the status of a country with one of the best in living standards, and therefore is the most attractive option for millions of people from around the world. Not only Ukrainians and Russians try to get and stay there, but also French, British, Germans and so on, despite the fact that the standard of living in their European countries is also quite high. Over the past few centuries, it was these people who built Canada as it is now, but why is it that everyone is so eager to go there? Let’s get it right.

Advantages of moving to Canada

Canada, unlike other countries with a similar standard of living, has rather close climatic conditions for us, the people of the post-Soviet space. Canada is a country that is in second place in terms of area in the world, which means that everyone will find a place for themselves where the climate will be ideal for him. For example, with regard to such large cities as Toronto and Vancouver – they are located at a level slightly farther south than our usual cities with a warm and mild climate, which is exactly the same as for example in Sevastopol. Manitoba and Alberta – a certain local “Siberia” of Canada, for people who like this climate.
Canada is a country created by immigrants, so you will not feel like strangers, among other nations. Canada is a country with maximum tolerance for immigrants. Here, no one will ever blame anyone that someone came for a better life, since almost all Canadians are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This is also a plus in that you can always find interlocutors who will understand you well.
Canada is the country with the lowest crime rate, and it is it that is considered the safest in the world. Law enforcement agencies are equipped with the most modern equipment in the world, which simply does not allow crimes to be committed, and the local mentality does not even have such an idea of ​​crime as people of the CIS countries do.
It’s quite easy to get to Canada, as there are several ways to move. Canada also allows dual citizenship, which cannot but be a plus for an immigrant. In general, we can say that Canada is a country that is one of the most attractive places to live on our planet – Earth.