Work permit in Canada. Business Owner-Operator.


Thousands of people come to Canada every year to work and earn money. Canada, as a country with a developed and stable economy, offers unlimited opportunities for immigrants. In order for those who wish to be able to conduct legitimate activities or business in Canada, the government has created a special type of permit called the “owner of the LMIA”.

To use the services of the operator LMIA can a businessman who retires or buy a business in the country, or start developing his own. This type of permit allows the manager to call in the country at any time convenient for him. It should be remembered that the status of the owner of the company does not give the right to permanent residence in Canada.

Despite the fact that business opportunities in Canada have a great prospect, an immigrant businessman has to prove that his company will positively affect the Canadian labor market. To do this, you need to contact a special office for employment development.

From business to permanent residence

The services of the operator LMIA are mainly in the safe movement of the head of the company throughout the country. And if he decides to immigrate to Canada with his family, then all its members must have official permission to enter, that is, a visa.

The program provides that children can also stay in Canada for the period of study. However, they are allowed to attend public school for free.

The owner of the LMIA considers the application for a business in Canada for two months and only after that makes a decision. If it is positive, then the businessman can apply for a working visa for two whole years. In addition, there are many other privileges. A business partner or company leader and even members of his family are likely to be eligible for free medical care during their stay in the country. Also, thanks to business opportunities in Canada, all family members have an increased chance of permanent residence in the country.

Your business in Canada is the key to stability

Before starting your business in Canada, you should definitely familiarize yourself with some points of legislation. For example, you cannot start developing a business if you do not hire a Canadian citizen who has a permanent residence there. This is one of the main conditions.

In turn, a company that operates in Canada must demonstrate a sufficient amount of investment to pay for the work of an immigrant businessman.

In fact, starting a business in Canada is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Because local authorities and laws contribute to this. Plus a stable economy and politics, a very low crime rate. The basis of the country’s economy is formed by the service sector and industry. Therefore, if it comes to Canada, the first thing it is associated with is tourism.